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Interactive Sports Technologies is widely recognized as the global leader in golf simulation. Over the past 10 years, HD Golf™ has delivered realistic, accurate, technologically superior, visually stunning, on-demand golf to thousands of people in more than 50 countries.

Expanding on the success and leading reputation of HD Golf™, HD Multi Sport™ proudly opens the doors to the finest sporting experiences in the digital world.


Chicago Blackhawks Superstar Brent Seabrook showcases his HD Multi-Sport Simulator

Chicago Fire All-Star Dax McCarty loves the HD Multi-Sport Simulator

HD Multi-Sport™ delivers thrilling sports for all! Enjoy the shared experience of:

Easily customize play-action scenarios and difficulty settings to suit all ages and skill levels. New sports, scenarios and features are frequently released to keep your friends, family and colleagues engaged and in-the-game!

Get in the Game

Maximum fun, competition and skills development can be yours to share as you finesse your skills, compete with others and try new sports. We make it easy for you to get in the game, with intuitive play, genuine sports equipment and incredible realism.

Whether you’re an elite coach working with amateur athletes or just having some fun with friends, HD Multi-Sport™ is THE destination for indoor, on-demand sports.

Industry Leading Technology

Great for both residential and commercial applications, HD Multi Sport™ is robust, easy-to-use and packed with incredibly reliable, industry leading technology.

You’re going to love our patented, integrated multiplayer gaming modes. Using the included gaming controller, you can ‘be-the-goalie’ in a variety of sports and compete with friends. Customizable difficulty settings help create a more balanced competition among varied ages and skill sets – keeping spirits & excitement up!

There is NO COMPARISON to the versatile, on-demand sporting fun you can offer your friends, members or guests.

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